The Visual Intelligence and Technological Advances (ViTA) Laboratory is an upcoming laboratory starting July 1, 2022 and is a part of the Faculty of Sciences, in the Biology Department at York University. It is also affiliated with the Vision: Science to Technology Application (VISTA) Program at York.

Research Mission

Our ability to seamlessly interact with others and the environment is highly dependent on a very robust and remarkably sophisticated visual system. Our research is directed towards uncovering the inner workings of the primate visual system by performing detailed circuit-level neural measurements in primates. Besides providing further understanding of primate visual processing, insights from our research will guide the development of human-like artificial intelligent systems. Such detailed computational models of sensory systems will also contribute to the development of applications using model-driven sensory stimuli to assist millions of individuals suffering from related neurological disorders. For details, please see the Research section.

ViTA Lab is ambitious. And such ambitious work cannot be done in isolation. Therefore, the core foundation of the lab involves collaborative efforts with colleagues at York University and globally across sufficiently like-minded labs that will come together to solve the big problems of neuroscience.”

Research Approaches