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We are excited to consider talented applicants interested in joining the lab!  We welcome inquiries from all potential Undergraduate StudentsGraduate (Msc., and Ph.D.) Students and Postdocs.

Writing to a lab PI can be sometimes tricky. Do you write “Dear Dr. Kar? Hi Professor? Hello Ko?” ?? How much intro about yourself do you provide? How much do you write about your interest without sounding too opinionated while still showcasing independent thought .. blah blah… Not important to us! You have come to the website, you are interested to learn more… that’s all that matters .. So we have created a small form for you that you can fill up and hit “submit” which will take care of that first Introduction. Let’s take it from there!

Of course please feel free to shoot an email to Ko if that is easier for you. (please make sure your subject line includes “Prospective member of ViTA Lab”, to avoid spam filters).

Below, you will find various more specific ways to join the lab and the Biology Department at York University.


You will find most information on how to join the department or the lab (to do an Honors thesis or a Capstone Project) in the link.

Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Students, please see the instructions below:


Postdoctoral scholars are also advised to directly reach out to Ko

Please also check the Funding page to see available opportunities to apply for fellowships.

Current opening for a computational postdoc (start date: July 1, 2022)

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars can be hosted through multiple mechanisms. We encourage students who are interested to learn more about our research to reach out directly. We will find a way to work with you! Also please check the following resource

EDI statement: The ViTA Lab at York University will recruit members based on their merit and interest without any prejudice and will provide equitable access to funding opportunities for all researchers and trainees across the group. We will strive to have a diverse pool of researchers in the lab with no race, gender and other significant bias. The lab will adhere to best practices mentioned in We will actively monitor and control for biases typically found during all phases of the recruitment cycle: recruitment planning, candidate sourcing, screening, interviews, reference checks, selection and salary/benefits negotiations. Lab members will have flexible working hours that helps to accommodate students and staff with family care responsibilities. Issues related to EDI are an evolving subject and therefore the ViTA Lab recognizes that we will need to keep the conversation going so that we are on top of things. Each trainee in the lab will be encouraged to participate in regular EDI training activities organized by York University. The VITA lab will dedicate one lab meeting per month to discuss current issues on EDI and update each lab member on best practices. Our doors will be always open for professional advice, mentorship, and collaboration irrespective of whether you are a core member of the lab.